New Redcoats

Painted some British from  second release.

Somewhere south side of Bombay… “What’s the time, Mr. Wolfe?”

Firing line of the 99th with sergeant and officer

The two ensigns below are from the Perry’s First Carlist War range. Actually flag bearers are quite useless for the New Zealand Wars since there were no open field battles where the British deployed in line formation. Anyway, it’s some nice eye candy.
The flags are self-made: the regimental colours of the 58th are based on a picture showing the flag with battle honours earned until 1841. The queen’s colors are custom-made with laurels and number plate extracted from the regimental colours. I have omitted the battle honours here ( I was simply too lazy…)


Show of Colours

The second release from Empress also includes two soldiers firing and loading in prone position. They are a bit outside the norm and  not popular with all gamers but surely more exciting than marching poses in my opinion.  I think that they can be used in a variety of ways: skirmisher screens in battalion-level games (not NZW though), skirmishers in general,  sharpshooters, or as markers for a unit if you use a rule set that features a pinned/suppressed condition.

Group photo skirmishing light flank company featuring the prone poses

And the icing on the cake of today’s post: the sergeant major of the 58th. This figure is a wonderful conversion built by a friend. I think it captures the idea of a grizzled  veteran quite well.

The grizzled veteran.

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